current projects 

Throughout my career, I have experienced some challenging waves and wipeouts. Now we face the unacceptable environmental conditions. Together we can be the difference. Together we can improve the ocean and protect Mother Earth for the future generations to come.
How will we do it?

Our work involves running workshops that inspire the next generation of leaders to be more conscious of their impact, creating transformational experiences immersed in nature as well as challenging brands to incoporate eco-friendly solutions.
Join us, as we embark on this exciting ride!

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As an ambassador for Laureus Sports for Good and Waves for Change, we are hosting mentoring sessions with children to help them achieve their goals and overcome their fears, as well as surf camps that help them build confidence.

We leverage these workshops to also raise awareness of ocean protection.


create transformational experiences

Our goal is for people to come off an experience with McNamara feeling inspired to bring upon positive change. Be it in their personal or professional lives.

We host workshops for corporations and start ups on fear and teamwork, as well as organize retreats and rehabilitation programs. Our most thrilling experience yet is a day spent with Garrett and the Mercedes team in the waters of Nazaré, Portugal.



We need to leave this world in better shape than what we found it, so that’s why we began to challenge brands to create eco-friendly products using recycled trash or natural materials as much as possible.

We are also involved in projects that promote ecology such as a Recycle Building.